About Me

Let me introduce myself and bare my literary soul as well … Ruth Miller: lover, wife, mother, teacher, private secretary to the manager of a life insurance company, personal secretary to a trust department head, administrative secretary to a startup mining company, legal secretary specializing in the areas of probate/personal injury/workers compensation, court reporter transcriptionist, medical secretary/transcriptionist and during the last ten years of being employed, I worked at home being a transcription liaison/administrator to a group of oral surgeons.

My life started on July 6, 1942, after being delivered unexpectedly at home. I came into this world talking and I have been talking at breakneck speed since that first rudely placed swat on my hind end, when I made my initial debut into this world! I was the fifth of seven children, but two predeceased me and this put me smack dab in the middle … Uh! … a middle child! My dad was a CPA and my mother was a stay-at-home mom.

I remember as a small child, I would weave a tale of untold nonsense to anyone that would listen and it was such fun. Maybe part of that was my “I need attention” mechanism and maybe it was just me needing to express myself in the only form I knew at the time, verbally. I was never at a loss for words, even as a child.

Many days in elementary school, I was solidly placed in the corner for “talking”. What was there about me that made my jaws flip-flop so much?” I don’t have the answer to that question, but I know God created every individual to pursue certain desires in life and I guess He just automatically stamped me “proliferative talker” for whatever reason He had in mind. Now don’t get me wrong … I am not questioning God’s plans for me at all, but it would help if I could see into the future and get this all figured out.

Life went as usual in large families with all of the normal sibling rivalry, although I am not quite sure about the “normal” part. We were all very competitive and sometimes to a fault, and we ALL got into trouble for this. We would instigate trouble for each other on a daily basis. I marvel now at my parents and wonder why they did not have us sold into slavery or something similar for all the grief we must have given them during this time of our life. But even with all that menacing sibling rivalry, we managed to make it to our teenage years and into adulthood, all in one piece, and turned out to be decent members of society after all. Funny how that happened!

After a year of college, I married my high school sweetheart and we were blessed with two children. Besides raising a family, and remaining in the employment arena, I doubled as a permanent caretaker for my mother-in-law and my aunt who resided in our home for 26 years. It seemed like life was an upstairs/downstairs staircase in continual motion and it was definitely a perpetual learning experience with my two little ladies who are, unfortunately, no longer with us.

However, both my husband and I are enjoying our own personal “empty nest syndrome” as well as retirement. And now, as a late bloomer in the field of writing, I can finally pursue writing, something I have always wanted to do but never had the blocks of time for creative writing. My first book,” Compassionately Spoken”, was a steep learning curve for me being new to the field of publishing, but now with that experience behind me, I have another book which should become available this coming September. It is titled, “Songs in the Attic” and is one that once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it down!

Thank you for viewing my website! I would love to see your comments … I like to know what the rest of the world is thinking! Have a great life and enjoy it to the fullest … it never comes around but once!