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Uncharted Memories is the sequel to Uncharted Residence. This continuing adventure will further incite your mind into the world of fairy tales and Sci-Fi entwined. Combined, these take you on the thought-provoking, fun-loving and intriguing life of retired Navy SEAL, Kristopher Davidson. It renews with delight the mystery, compassion, and enthusiasm his pathway
of life takes into the nether world and finding the love of his life. If you liked Uncharted Residence, you will want to see how this enchanting story unfolds. As Paul Harvey might say, ” . . . and this is the rest of the story!”

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“Uncharted Residence” is a story for enriching and stimulating the imagination.  This is true fiction at its best except for the myth mentioned therein.  It is a fun book to read as you delve into the unknown, the strange anomalies of our world, and the mysterious spirits of another world — let your mind be challenged for a moment in time. Kristopher Davidson is a retired Navy SEAL and his fearlessness of the unfamiliar, his desire to check out the unknown, his gift of a sixth sense, and his skillful SEAL training will all come into play as the story unfolds.  The fact that he is an avid explorer, a passionate fisherman and a keen historian helps him get through the uncanny and mysterious situations in which he finds himself throughout the story.  Enjoy!

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“Songs in the Attic” is a book with a healthy blending of truth and fiction. It was a story waiting to be written which has now come to fruition. While it is not an earth-shattering, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-chair book of intrigue; it is a short mystery novel which entwines the love of a granddaughter for her grandparents and great-grandparents, and her search for the full truth about her great-grandfather. She is on what she deems as her last visit with them for the foreseeable future and wants this visit to be a special time for all of them. This story holds a unique blend of intrigue, laughter, joy, sadness and fulfillment, a story you won’t want to put down until the end!

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Compassionately Spoken Compassionately Spoken is a diversified collection of spontaneous thoughts converted into poetry, miscellaneous articles and a short story at the end. These writings are thought provoking, informative, serious, funny, sad, and some lend credence to the spiritual aspect of our lives as well. Many of the poems are written for “those left behind” which is a specialized area of poetry written for encouragement when someone suffers the loss of family or friends through death. You will note similarities in some of these particular poems as certain thoughts can only be expressed in so many ways. However, everyone has shared death at some point in their lives and no one needs encouragement more than this select group. Other miscellaneous writings cover topics we all are involved with daily. The short story . . . read it and laugh! I hope you will enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.webslider1

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I Hear You

Refresh Me O Lord