canstockphoto17550187 copyA Tear in the Fabric

This is the story of a young lady who overcame some serious decisions about the pathway she wanted her life to take … through sibling rivalry, puppy love, spirituality misgivings, real love, marriage, parenting, a darker period of life, depression, growth to mature adulthood and spiritual maturity, and then LIFE … as the title denotes, she went from what seemed like a totally rusted bucket, one with rusty holes in the bottom, to a gleaming, bright, silvery new one.  Yes, life is so good.

A work in progress!


Not only do I like to write, but I have also dabbled in music. I played piano and organ as a younger person. When in band in high school, I learned to play all the woodwind instruments as well. This song below is my first attempt at writing music, although I have several others on the back burner. As I complete these, I will post them as well.

Gospel Steps